Nick's first machine

by pink grease bootlegs

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here are some videos of this synth in action:

There is not much left of this one because it was stripped of its circuits to make the machine. It used to be a lot bigger as well, about the size of a shower cubicle, it took 3 people to carry it using fold out poles over the shoulders. I made it in my council flat in Sheffield, we used to have to carry it to rehearsals through the estate. I had to make it smaller when the band had to go on tour. I made it originally as an art project at college. It was not designed to play melodies, it just had lots of knobs and no keyboard. I had no experience of making electronic instruments when I started it. I remember when I made the first oscillator it took about a week for me to work out why it wasn't working. I found this so frustrating that I used to have tantrums and throw things at the wall.


released April 23, 2013



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